Friday, 23 September 2016

The Sovereign's Scribe

Am I the Sovereign's scribe 
Who imparts what I have heard
God's majestic voice
Despite my weak un-lofty words

Like an eloquent echo
God has charged all to proclaim
To reflect His radiance,
Tell of His glory and His grace

As revealed through creation and salvation,
Through the pillar of fire and cloud
At times God conveys ethereally   
Sometimes He roars like a lion, aloud 

Hear Emmanuel affirm, "Come follow behind"
Accept His magnificent invitation 
Then join in His fellowship of joy
Through communion and conversation 
September 22, 2016

Inspired by Seeing Beauty and Saying Beautifully by John Piper

Instruction from Isaiah - 50:4-51:16

Sovereign Lord, 
Awaken my ear for instruction
With a word that sustains
The weary soul
So they trust and rely upon You,
Pursue righteousness 
And seek the Lord

Who brings comfort 
And compassion, but the Lord?
Wastelands and deserts 
He readily restores
Joy and gladness in Him is found
Thanksgiving and freedom's sounds 
Justice and salvation 
Will come through His outstretched arm
Hope in the strength of the One
Who protects you from harm
Sorrow and sighing will soon flee 
Away from the rescued and redeemed
Remember the Lord, your Maker
Who laid the foundations of the earth
He declares you His beloved child,
His chosen pearl of great worth 

September 23, 2016

Saturday, 17 September 2016

In the Sculptor's Hands

You have shown me mercy
That You might hear me say
Own me, hone me
Until I, for You, shine 
O Sculptor of my soul
Take hold of me, define
In Your solid grip, transform me
To Your likeness, conform me
That I reflect Your brightness
Like the moon reflects the sun
Melt away the dross
As I look upon the cross, 
Upon Your Son
Purify me with Your piercing look
As I gaze intently in Your book
May I see Your vision, my mission
To not sit upon the shelf 
And be full of myself 
But to offer up my jar of clay
For Your purposes, not mine
Fill me, use me, O Sculptor divine 
September 17, 2016

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Eternal Life

Life is like
A shimmering reflection
Of moon lit by the sun
We cannot fathom the waters' depths
Understand perfection,
Solid truth;
We are undone
Fractured, we see a fraction
As though through murky glass
One day we will behold
Crystal clear Living Water
When into Paradise we pass
When eternity explodes with expressions
Of unhindered praise
For our Eternal God,
The Ancient of Days
And then I'll know as I am known
No longer blind, but see
LIFE forever with my God
And He with me
September 13, 2016

To Whom Else Shall We Go? (John 6:35-69)

Speaking words full 
Of Spirit and life,
Jesus declared,
"I am the bread of life"

"Whoever comes to Me
Will find their hunger disperse
Whoever believes in Me
Will no longer thirst"

"I am the living bread
Which from heaven came down
The bread is My flesh
I will lay My life down"

"Partake of My body
And My blood," Christ said
"You'll have eternal life,
I'll raise you from the dead"

"Whoever eats and drinks of Me
Remains in Me and I in them
Just as I live by the Father
By whom I have been sent"

Some of those who were listening
Found this teaching hard to swallow
And they turned their backs on Christ
No longer would they follow

Then Christ asked his disciples,
"Will you leave Me also?"
Simon Peter answered Him,
"Lord, to whom else shall we go?"

"You have the words of eternal life
We have come to believe and know
You are the Holy One of God,
To whom else shall we go?"
September 14, 2016

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Christ Crossed the Line

Christ crossed the line
Came from heaven to earth
To show us all 
What our lives are worth
He crossed the line 
Of gender and race
To offer thirsty souls
Mercy and grace
He crossed barriers of
Religion, society and mores
He crossed into personal lives
To renew and restore
For those caught in sin
He drew a line in the sand
Showed us we can be free
And with Him stand
If we come to the cross
Leave our shame 
And our sins in the dust
The Lover of our soul
Proves that He's worthy 
Of all of our trust
September 11, 2016
Inspired by John 4:6-42

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

A Song of Thanksgiving (Jeremiah 31:3-14)

Your love is everlasting, Your kindness does not fail
Your mercies are new every morning, Your promises prevail
You give rest to Your people; You rebuild and You restore
We make music and dance with joy before the Lord
We enjoy the fruit, of our labour in the vineyard
We shout to the Lord and make our praises heard
Lord, save Your people, gather Your lost sheep
Lead them beside still waters as they pray and weep
Watch over Your flock, like a Father to a son
Deliver and redeem Your people from oppression
Come and shout for joy, rejoice in the bounty of the Lord
He makes His people flourish and sorrow no more
He gives comfort and joy; young and old will dance and be glad
He satisfies with abundance from the bounty of His hand
September 7, 2016