Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Psalm 29

Ascribe to the LORD strength and glory due His name
Worship Him in the splendour of HIs holiness, you saints
The voice of God thunders above the roar of mighty waters
Power and majesty are His, He breaks apart the cedars
Strong ones will tremble before Him and stagger 
As the LORD's voice pierces with lightning daggers 
He disrupts the desert, the forest is bared with a shout
"Glory!" all in His temple cry out 
The LORD rules over the flood
The LORD's kingdom will not cease 
The LORD gives strength to His people;
God blesses His people with peace 

August 24, 2016

In Him is Life and Light

In the beginning was the Word
God said, "Let there be light"
He called each star by name
To their places in the night

Through Him all things were made
The heavens and the earth
In Him is Life and Light
All He made was of good worth

In God's image He created us
To be good stewards of His garden
As rebellion slithered in
Our hearts began to harden

God graciously attended to 
His now fallen creation
With blood and sacrifice 
He worked, for our restoration

He spoke to us through priests
And prophets and the law
Then the glory of the Father, 
We bore witness to and saw

When the Word became flesh 
And dwelt among us
In His gracious and true Son, 
Christ Jesus

Behold, the Lamb of God
Proclaims, "Come and see"
He calls us each by name
Into a new identity

To shine and reflect 
The light of our King
And with the morning stars
Rejoice in Him, and sing
August 24, 2016

Monday, 22 August 2016

Praying Psalm 23

Lord, I am in desperate need of You 
To rescue me, cleanse me and guide,
Even carry me to Your gentle side 
Everything I could ever need in life, 
Every good and perfect gift 
You graciously provide 
Even with Your own goodness 
You fill me up inside 
In Your presence,
My worries I can lay aside;
You nurture me 
And with Your sweetness,
I am truly satisfied;
My thirsty soul is soon revived 
Along the right path 
I trust that You will guide 
So Your name is glorified 
Even though I walk where shadows lie 
I will not fear for You are by my side
You protect me and discipline 
Your often-straying child 
You invite me to come and dine 
To feast as scoundrels scrounge
Among offensive swine 
You declare me holy
Such abundance is mine:
Your goodness and mercy 
Pursues me through my life
And in Your sanctuary 
I forever will reside 
August 22, 2016

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Psalm 34

Extol, exalt and praise the Lord
Glory in Him, in one accord
Forevermore lift up your voice
Let the afflicted hear and rejoice

He answered me when I sought Him out
He delivered me from fears and doubt
Those who look to Him are radiant
Their faces never are marked by shame

This poor man called in his distress
The Lord was near to save and bless
The Lord is good; taste and see
Take refuge in Him and blessed be

Fear the Lord, you His holy pack
And no good thing will you lack
Come and listen to me, dears
I will teach you godly fear

If you love life and desire good days
From deceit, keep your speech away
Turn from evil and do good deeds
And seek out and strive for peace

The Lord sees the righteous and hears their cries
But those who do evil, will be nullified
To the brokenhearted, the Lord is close
He saves those who are bleak and morose

The righteous may be with troubles beset
But the Lord delivers and protects
He rescues His servants who take refuge in Him
But the enemies of God, will be condemned

July 23, 2016

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

People Need the Lord

People need the knowledge of salvation
Through the forgiveness of their sins
By the tender mercy  of our God
Who longs to welcome them in 
And guide them away from death and darkness 
Into the path of peace 
Where His life and light will bless 
So the rescued and redeemed 
Of the Most High God
Can serve Him with holiness,
Righteousness and reverent awe 
July 16, 2016
Inspired by Zechariah's Song in Luke 1:68-79

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Faith and Deeds - James 2

What good is it if someone claims
To have faith but has no deeds
To say they care about the poor
While ignoring their physical needs
Saying, "Go in peace,
Stay warm and be well fed."
In like manner, faith 
Without action is dead
Some will say, "You have faith, I have deeds;
You have one, I have the other."
It's good you believe there is one God
But even demons do, and shudder
Was not Abraham considered righteous
(Proving faith without deeds is useless)
When he laid his son upon the altar
God credited him with righteousness
In the same way, even Rahab, 
The harlot, was deemed righteous 
When with a scarlet ribbon she led
God's chosen people to salvation 
Like the body without the spirit,
So faith without deeds, is dead
July 10, 2016

Friday, 1 July 2016

Abide in Christ

"Come unto Me and there abide,"
Speaks Christ the Saviour by our side

"Take My yoke; I'll give you rest
Learn from Me; see how I bless"

Follow after to apprehend 
That you can trust your Truest Friend

Then like the branch and the vine,
Be completely intertwined

Christ, hold me fast and nourish me
So I bear fruit abundantly 

Our Father's the husbandman 
In Christ, we are grafted in

Be assured that He will guide
Godly wisdom He'll provide

So that our faith life will be blessed
By Christ, who is Our Righteousness 

Then let God possess you wholly
Yield to Christ in you, holy

Abide and follow faithfully
Complete redemption you will see

I am crucified with Christ the Lord
In the cross, His wounds and mine are forged

God has laid a firm foundation
Which He will bring to completion

For every moment of every hour
God tends us by His almighty power

Day by day abide in Christ
Through whatever the day assigns

Now is the acceptable time
This present moment to abide

Surrendered wholly unto Christ,
He gives strength to obtain the prize

Of knowing Him, though now unseen
His Spirit binds us mightily

As we wait in contemplation
We will hear God's revelation

Through light and brief affliction
He points us in Christ's direction

Dependent on Him, we bear much fruit
As our servant heart deepens roots

Then we will ask whatever God wills
Seeking His glory, our greatest thrill

As we abide in His love so tender
We count it a privilege to surrender

To the Son who loves as God so loves
Christ emptied of self, was filled with love

If you obey His commandments
You shall abide in Love's presence

And there be filled and overflowing
With Christ's joy, His strength in you growing

So you can love others as Christ loves you
Abiding in His love will guide you through

And keep you from sinning in the flesh
As Christ's holiness is with you meshed

Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might
That's perfected in our weakness as we abide

For in our self, dwells no good thing
We must let go and to Christ cling

For He guarantees we won't depart
With godly fear placed in our hearts

Confident, we need not be ashamed or fear
When our glorious victor soon appears
June 2016
Inspired by Andrew Murray's Abide in Christ