Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Hush Your Heart

Like a doe of the morning
Gentle and peaceful Thou art
Approach Him with silence
And stillness of heart
Contemplate the beauty,
The majesty and grace
Of fairest Lord Jesus
As you gaze on His face
Hold out your hands to receive
The strength He imparts
To withstand the enemy’s
Fiery darts
Seek Him now
While He may be found
Hush your heart for His whisper
He is always around
Your soul’s longing
Is found in His care
Awake and arise
To meet with Him there
September 17, 2015
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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Mesmerizing Metamorphosis

Hanging from a sturdy leaf,
The caterpillar weaves
He curls and twirls
And spins himself within
A sleeping bag of green

In his crocheted cocoon,
He is no longer seen
But after not too long
(In other words, quite soon)
He stirs, from where he once was hiding

And now, surprisingly, behold!
A new creation has come to life
A butterfly, with wings for flight
The caterpillar is no more
He has been transformed
What a wonderous delight!
September 12, 2015

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Go Beyond

Through the door
There is another world
A world beyond imagination

A lion, like a lamb,
Speaks gentle words to children
And those with faith like theirs
Who, by believing, 
Sees beyond

This lion, like all lions,
Is not safe,
Unlike any other
He is good; he can be trusted
He bears the scars of sacrifice
Though he is a king

Through the door
Go through the door
(Christ is the Door)
He is the King
He is good
“Follow Me,”
He says
Through the door
Come through the door
And go beyond    
September 1, 2015