Saturday, 17 December 2016

A Mosaic of Grace

Do not dread
the broken heart,
the broken dreams
for Christ is close 
to those 
with broken seams

Emmanuel mends us 
By His mercy, God weaves
our broken shells
and by His touch,
abundance swells  
like seeds, 
that once were scattered 
on the ground
God’s own blood poured down,
was splattered on the ground
to show how much we matter

He suffered for us
to restore us, renew us,
redeem us, transform us

Pour your tears 
in the palms 
of His nail-scarred hands
for Jesus, wept
He understands 

Share in His suffering 
and know
the power of His love 
and His life
that flows 
through our broken shards
God makes art
‘A Mosaic of Grace’
it is called
December 17, 2016

Captivating Beauty

Captivating beauty,
Deep mystery to be explored -
This is the essence of Eve's daughters,
Reflective of the Lord

The crown of God's creation,
Her desire is to be sought
She is desperately needed;
For intimacy, she was wrought

The Garden was her homeland
A place of glory and of rest
Now she strives to find her way there
To life abundant and God-blessed

Unveil your heart, Beloved
And shimmer with all your power
For our Creator delights in you
This is your finest hour
April 17, 2005
Inspired by the book Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul (by Stasi and John Eldredge)

Thursday, 15 December 2016

With Praises Resound

Through a broken vessel, 
The light of the Lord, 
In the darkness, shines-
The knowledge of God’s glory 
In the face of Jesus Christ
He is our light and salvation
We have nothing to fear
For He has overcome
And He is here
God’s wonderful Son
Our counsellor, the Mighty God,
Everlasting Father,
Prince of Peace
His kingdom of righteousness 
Will never cease 
Christ is born to us, 
God’s gift is given
That we dwell with Him
Freed from our burdens,
Receive and believe,
Rejoice and be glad 
In the Lord of hosts
With praises resound
December 15, 2016
Inspired by: One For Israel's post

Monday, 12 December 2016

Embrace Emmanuel

As we journey along 
Life's laborious road
May we carry Your seed, 
The faith You’ve bestowed 
May it birth within us
An ever-increasing 
Love for Jesus, 
Emmanuel, The One born 
To save us from our sins 
May we sense His movement 
Stirring us within
To embrace Him, adore Him 
Kneel down before Him 
The beautiful One,
God's only Son 
Hold Him near; 
He is precious and dear 
Feel His heartbeat of peace 
God is with us; 
Emmanuel is here
December 11, 2016

Thursday, 8 December 2016

The Angels Rejoice

The stars sang, the angels rejoiced
When God voiced Light into being
And the universe was unfurled;
How much greater their praise
Must have been
When God's Son
Was born in this world;
The shepherds trembled in fear
When a host of angels appeared
Praising God in Heaven above,
Proclaiming peace to mankind,
Goodness to all God so loves,
Good news that the humble receive
Who know they have nothing
To offer but praise
For the gift of God;
There in the manger, He lays,
Jesus, our Saviour, Emmanuel,
God in the flesh,
Who came here to dwell
Not only upon the dark, dirty earth
But in our hearts as well;
When we receive Christ
And He enters in
All Heaven rejoices,
"Glory to God.
Glory," they sing
December 8, 2016
Inspired by:

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Our Coming King (Zechariah 9:9-17)

Rejoice greatly, Daughter Zion!
For your king comes to you. Behold,
He is righteous and victorious
Yet he humbly rides a donkey's foal

He will proclaim peace to the nations
His rule will extend from sea to sea
Because of the blood of His covenant;
He will set the captives free

The LORD will surely appear swiftly
The Sovereign LORD will sound the alarm
He will march out and shield His people
They will not come to harm

The LORD their God will save His own
Like a shepherd saves his sheep
They'll shine like precious stones
How beautiful they will be
December 3, 2016

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Prayer and Petition

God, I confess, 
I'm a mess
I fail and I fall,
Hardly follow You at all
I stumble and grumble,
Forgetting the humble
Path that You trod
I plod
And for Your mercy, plead
Help me to see
A glimpse of Your glory,
Where I fit in Your story
Where You want me 
To go, who to be
Help me to hear
Your voice so clear
Help me to feel
You are real,
Your goodness taste
So that I won't waste 
One more second
Call to me, beckon
So I can touch
The edges of Heaven 
November 16, 2016

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Learn from the Lord

The one who betrayed Christ
Called Him teacher, not Lord
Great regret was his due
We cannot afford
To see Christ only as wise
And betray His glory and worth
For He is the holy Son of God
The Saviour of the whole earth
Though it is good to learn from Him
For He sinlessly walked among us
Humbly take up His gentle yoke
And find the peace of Jesus
And with a childlike faith, you will see
More than the wise and scholarly 
November 15, 2016

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Be Transfigured

"Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of the living God,"
Spoke Peter, by our Heavenly Father's revelation
Later he saw Christ's face shine like the sun
And robed in radiant light
On the sacred mountain of transfiguration 

Moses and Elijah appeared among them 
Then from a bright cloud, they heard this sound:
"This is My Son whom I love. Listen to Him."
Overcome by the majestic glory of God,
Peter, James and John fell prostrate on the ground

That which the disciples beheld and heard,
They freely proclaimed "God is light"
Through Him they saw mercy and truth,
And God's presence, as their confessed sins
Were cleansed by the atonement of Christ 
November 9, 2016

Monday, 7 November 2016

Delight Yourself In the One Who Delights In Us

Delight yourself in
The good God has done
He rescued us from bondage
Through Jesus Christ, His Son

Rejoice and boast in the Lord
For He has delivered us
So we can enter His kingdom
Because He's accepted us

Find joy in the Almighty
Call upon God at all times
Delight in the law of the Lord
Meditate on it day and night

What an inheritance we have!
Glory in God and His salvation
Shout for joy and be glad
For His servants will see vindication

Feast upon the Lord's abundance
Drink deeply from the river that flows
He will grant you the desire of your heart
And faithfully show where to go

Great are the works of the Lord
Ponder His laws, don't depart
Nor neglect His decrees, for He 
Counsels those with tender hearts

The Lord is compassionate
He saves us in our affliction
When trouble and distress come
Delight in God's vows, with conviction

Fear the Lord, and put your hope 
In His love that ever prevails
He rewards the humble with vict'ry 
Our Father corrects when we fail

Delight in wisdom
And be without blame,
Be worthy of trust
Lest you bring to God shame

For His love is 
Sweeter than wine
Rejoice and praise Him
Taste His goodness sublime

We are the ones in whom He takes pleasure 
To show mercy to, though He is just 
Bring reverence and honour to God 
Who sings songs of joy over us
November 7, 2016

Monday, 10 October 2016

Day of Atonement (For Yom Kippur)

Our Great High Priest 
Left His glorious robe behind 
When God became flesh 
And dwelled with mankind 

Amid goats and calves, 
Christ entered the world, leaving heaven itself 
To take away sin and death 
By offering His own blood Himself

He bore our sin, 
And our judgement He faced
So we could be made holy 
By God's mercy and grace 

And thus enter in, 
To a new and living way 
Where God's laws, 
Are within our hearts placed 

Then we can draw near 
With sincerity of heart 
Because of the assurance 
That our faith imparts 

And hold unswervingly 
To the hope that we profess 
For God is faithful to 'make good'
On His promises 
October 10, 2016
Inspired from Hebrews 9:11-10:23 after reading this article:

Exalt His Excellence

I exalt You for You are excellent
I adore You for You from heaven sent
Your Only Son, the only One
Who for my sins would die
Your great name, I exalt and magnify
For You are magnificent
I worship You
For You are worthy of all praise
You are good and it is good
To ever sing Your praise
October 9, 2016

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Stephen Hawking's Theory

Stephen Hawking's theory 
Of the universe is flawed
Because, if it is ever-expanding
Why is there no room for God?
It's true God is grander
Yet He doesn't change
Nor fit into an equation or box
That indeed would be quite strange
Yes, man can design and create
A container for things
(That thinks not, nor reasons,
Nor worships, nor sings)
That is merely a vessel 
Used for safe-keeping or travel
For a vast scope of contents
That's no great mystery to unravel
Just open eyes to gaze upon
What's conclusively plain to perceive
Ergo, if you expand your vision 
Beyond the parameter of knowledge, 
You can practically believe
September 29, 2016

Friday, 23 September 2016

The Sovereign's Scribe

Am I the Sovereign's scribe 
Who imparts what I have heard
God's majestic voice
Despite my weak un-lofty words

Like an eloquent echo
God has charged all to proclaim
To reflect His radiance,
Tell of His glory and His grace

As revealed through creation and salvation,
Through the pillar of fire and cloud
At times God conveys ethereally   
Sometimes He roars like a lion, aloud 

Hear Emmanuel affirm, "Come follow behind"
Accept His magnificent invitation 
Then join in His fellowship of joy
Through communion and conversation 
September 22, 2016

Saturday, 17 September 2016

In the Sculptor's Hands

You have shown me mercy
That You might hear me say
Own me, hone me
Until I, for You, shine 
O Sculptor of my soul
Take hold of me, define
In Your solid grip, transform me
To Your likeness, conform me
That I reflect Your brightness
Like the moon reflects the sun
Melt away the dross
As I look upon the cross, 
Upon Your Son
Purify me with Your piercing look
As I gaze intently in Your book
May I see Your vision, my mission
To not sit upon the shelf 
And be full of myself 
But to offer up my jar of clay
For Your purposes, not mine
Fill me, use me, O Sculptor divine 
September 17, 2016

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Eternal Life

Life is like
A shimmering reflection
Of moon lit by the sun
We cannot fathom the waters' depths
Understand perfection,
Solid truth;
We are undone
Fractured, we see a fraction
As though through murky glass
One day we will behold
Crystal clear Living Water
When into Paradise we pass
When eternity explodes with expressions
Of unhindered praise
For our Eternal God,
The Ancient of Days
And then I'll know as I am known
No longer blind, but see
LIFE forever with my God
And He with me
September 13, 2016

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Christ Crossed the Line

Christ crossed the line
Came from heaven to earth
To show us all 
What our lives are worth
He crossed the line 
Of gender and race
To offer thirsty souls
Mercy and grace
He crossed barriers of
Religion, society and mores
He crossed into personal lives
To renew and restore
For those caught in sin
He drew a line in the sand
Showed us we can be free
And with Him stand
If we come to the cross
Leave our shame 
And our sins in the dust
The Lover of our soul
Proves that He's worthy 
Of all of our trust
September 11, 2016
Inspired by John 4:6-42

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Days of Awe

The shofar's blasting,
"From bondage, be free"
Creation's groaning
In humility
This is a time
For deep reflection
Yahweh's King
Renewing His Creation
"We were whole and
We were broken
We'll be whole again"
Mercy shines like
Golden forests
Transforming their trees
The winds of change are
Rustling through them,
Rustling through their leaves
"Rosh Hashanah,
Rosh Hashanah"
Awesome are these days,
"Rosh Hashanah,
Rosh Hashanah"
These are days of awe
September 2007

Monday, 5 September 2016

Let the Redeemed of the Lord Give Thanks

Let the redeemed of the Lord give thanks
For every good and perfect gift comes from His hands
Enter His gates with an offering of praise
Rejoice in Him and bless His name

For He has broken our chains and set us free
From sin and death; we share Christ’s victory
Come before Him with a jubilant, joyful song
Give thanks to God among the festive throng

Tell of His works and His wonders bestowed
Let praise to our gracious God overflow
For the thirsty soul He satisfies
Let us exalt Him and magnify

For He is a great God, the King of all Kings
Creator, Sustainer, all praise to Him bring
He is faithful to us and forever He’s true
With goodness and mercy He daily pursues

Serve Him with gladness, shout to Him with psalms
Remember how He, the raging storm has calmed
Boast in the Lord, who delivers and provides
Give thanks to the Lord, lift His name upon high
October 4, 2014 
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Sunday, 4 September 2016

We Bring Our Praise to You

Creator God,
We bring our praise to You
The only wise God,
We bring our praise to You

For from You and through You
And for You are all things
Messiah, God of peace,
To You our praise we bring

You are God over all
You are the only one
Glory to Your name forever
Through Jesus Christ, Your Son

September 4, 2016
(Inspired by Paul's prayers in Romans)

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Daughters of Ishmael

Daughters of Ishmael,
God sees you
In your submission,
He commiserates
With you
As conflict
And hostility surround
May our gracious
And merciful LORD,
Who met with Hagar
By a refreshing spring,
Your deepest thirst now,
No matter
Where you've been,
Or where you thought
You were going
August 28, 2016
Inspired by Genesis 16

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

In Him is Life and Light

In the beginning was the Word
God said, "Let there be light"
He called each star by name
To their places in the night

Through Him all things were made
The heavens and the earth
In Him is Life and Light
All He made was of good worth

In God's image He created us
To be good stewards of His garden
As rebellion slithered in
Our hearts began to harden

God graciously attended to 
His now fallen creation
With blood and sacrifice 
He worked, for our restoration

He spoke to us through priests
And prophets and the law
Then the glory of the Father, 
We bore witness to and saw

When the Word became flesh 
And dwelt among us
In His gracious and true Son, 
Christ Jesus

Behold, the Lamb of God
Proclaims, "Come and see"
He calls us each by name
Into a new identity

To shine and reflect 
The light of our King
And with the morning stars
Rejoice in Him, and sing
August 24, 2016

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

People Need the Lord

People need the knowledge of salvation
Through the forgiveness of their sins
By the tender mercy  of our God
Who longs to welcome them in 
And guide them away 
From death and darkness 
Into the path of peace 
Where His life and light will bless 
So the rescued and redeemed 
Of the Most High God
Can serve Him with holiness,
Righteousness and reverent awe 
July 16, 2016
Inspired by Zechariah's Song in Luke 1:68-79

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Endless Praise Belongs to You

You are the Alpha and Omega
Beginning and the End
You are Creator, Deliverer
Emmanuel and Friend

You are a good and gracious God
Our Heavenly Father; Hallelujah!
You are I AM, Jesus, King of Kings
Living Water and the Messiah

Your Name is above all names
Only Begotten Son, Prince of Peace
You are Redeemer, our Refuge and Rock
You are Saviour and Shepherd of Your sheep

You are the Truth, the Unchangeable One
The Vine, the Word of God, the Way
You are Wonderful Counsellor
And worthy of all of our praise

Abba Father, Ancient of Days, 
Bread of Heaven, Breath of Life
Christ, Desire of Nations,
Everlasting Father, Faithful and True...

You are the LORD God Almighty
Endless praise belongs to You
June 29, 2016