Wednesday, 24 February 2016

May We Pray God's Way

Holy Father in heaven above
Thank You for
The gift of Your Son
Light of the world
Reveal to us
A portion of Your wisdom
That we might
Better see Your kingdom
Entering our lives
As we do
What Your will ascribes
Grant us this day
All that we need
For life and godliness
Cleanse us from our sin
Help us live mercifully
With justice, humbleness 
Guide us through our trials
Deliver us from despair
For You watch over us,
You clothe us with Your care
Thus we should not worry
Or work for what won’t remain
But in everything we do
May it be
For the glory of Your name
February 24, 2016

Blessed Beyond Our Dreams

Envy says, "I am not blessed 
With God's very best"
The coveter dreams to access
What other people possess

Jealousy opines,
"That should be mine"
A jealous God, the Lord is
We chase treasures, but we are His

For God so loved the world
And loves us still
That He let His precious Son's
Blood for us spill

Granting us access
To His glorious throne
Dressed in His 
Righteousness alone

So that He could possess 
Our hearts, souls, and minds
And bless us with 
His presence divine 
February 23. 2016

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Ash Wednesday

From the dust of the earth
I was formed
But I soon stormed
Away from Your loving laws
How deeply I was flawed
Am flawed now still
Though I have been transformed
By Your mercy and kindness
I still walk with blindness
And far from see clearly
Your goodness and light
I stumble and fall
But You hear my call
For I am precious in Your sight
Not because of anything
I have done right
But because of who You are
Gracious God, the Most High
Help me walk near Thee
On the road that You walked
Help me carry the cross
And not grumble or balk
At the rough, uphill climb
For You're by my side
And You know the joy that awaits
You are my hope,
The Resurrection and Life
Help me learn
To be faithful to Christ,
To trust
To turn and return
Till I one day return
To dust
February 10. 2016
Inspired by Malcolm Guite's musings. 

Saturday, 6 February 2016

If It Bleeds, It Leads

“If it bleeds, it leads,” 
is the media’s dictum
and we ponder on what 
the world’s outcome will be

God’s Son was led, bleeding
to the cross with our burden
of sin; He died pleading
for God to forgive them,
the very ones who had hurt Him

Christ is still interceding 
for both the vindictive 
and for their victims,
that we all ponder the cross,
and by faith, follow Him,

Follow God where He leads
February 6, 2016