Thursday, 20 July 2017

Mt Doug Meditation of Psalm 95

The Lord is among us
Amidst the firs and brush
Hear Him whisper peace
Your worried heart, hush 

As you ascend the mountain, 
The scent of cedar, breathe in 
Join the song of rejoicing 
With all that belongs to Him

A chorus of fiddleheads, 
Dusty earth, sparkling sea
Lift up your voice and your limbs
Beneath the towering trees

As you traverse the path,
God's fingerprints, trace 
Exult in His divine design
And wonders of His grace 

We are His people, under His care
Remember all He has done 
He has drawn us, like water,
Because of Jesus, His Son

Thank God for His faithfulness,
His merciful provision 
And rest on the mountain of the Lord 
See the view that once was hidden 

Be refreshed by the wind
A welcome reward 
Renew your strength 
For tomorrow you will soar 
July 19, 2017

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The Kingdom of God

Jesus spoke about the kingdom of God
To His followers through parables -
Faith doesn't always take root or bear fruit
For one's heart needs to be arable

The kingdom of God is likened to
A mustard seed, that is very small
But when it is planted and watered,
Its roots spread out, pervading all 

The kingdom of God is also like
Yeast, that's transformative
Flavoured with abundance,
Is the feast God's preparing to give

To those who are born again,
Born of water and the Spirit
Like a little child, accept
God's invitation if you hear it

And He will graciously welcome 
You into His righteous realm
Where a bounty of peace and joy
Will eternally overwhelm 
July 18, 2017

Thursday, 6 July 2017


Rejoice, as juice bursts forth
From abundant orchards and groves
Lift up a glass in celebration
To the Creator
Whose divine qualities overflow
So we can see that God
Has extravagantly shown
To us, His delight and favour
Taste and see
The goodness of the Lord;
His sweetness, savour
July 6, 2017

I Write to You, Dear Brothers and Sisters (1 John)

God is perfect love, God is light
The blood of Christ makes us right
As we confess our sins,
He purifies our souls within
So we may commune with the Father
And fellowship with one another
How great a love, upon us, 
The Father showers
Because of Christ,
Who laid down His life for ours
We will be like Him, when we see
Christ, our brother, in eternity
When the world's desires and its fears,
Lust and pride of life, forever disappears
Overcome by Christ, who is the greatest;
In Him, we have eternal life and rest
July 6, 2017

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Reasons to Applaud

People often quantify their goodness
By what they have not done
"Well, I have not robbed
Or murdered anyone."
But on Judgement Day
God will ask, "What have you done?"
How did you treat the poor,
Did you believe in Christ, My Son
Who said: the 'least of these'
Deserve the very best

Here is where your faith 
Meets a practical test -
Are the orphans and the widows,
And those who are imprisoned
People that you serve;
Is freeing the oppressed, 
Part of your life-long mission,
Seeking justice, loving mercy
Walking humbly with your God;
Will the things you do today
Give angels reasons to applaud?
July 5, 2017

Sunday, 25 June 2017

A Prayer of Glorious Unity (John 17)

Father, of glory,
Of Christ, the Son
Grant me to know You,
The only True One
Through the finished
Redeeming work of Christ,
Who You sent for us
To lay down His life

Reveal to me
All that You graciously give
That I might obey
And in unity, live
Holy Father, protect me
And set me apart
So that I might rejoice
With Your truth in my heart

Father, help me to
Completely believe
In Your glorious love
That You have for me
Into Your righteousness,
Oh, Father, lead me
So that others may, too,
Your great glory, see
June 25, 2017

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Father God, Father of Lights

Father God, Father of lights,
In You, I find my heart's delight

You change not, like shadows that shift
You always give good and perfect gifts

To those who ask and seek and knock
You give Your Spirit, as together we walk

You comfort, counsel and You guide 
Your promised presence, You provide 

Your merciful and perfect Son
Reveals to us, how much we're loved

For though we sinned against heaven and You
You have, towards us, with compassion, moved 

To rescue us, hold us in Your hand
This truth's too great to understand 

Your ways are higher, than we can see
For You, our Father, are so holy 
June 18, 2017
Inspired by: Carlos A Rodriguez's free e-book Simply Sonship

The Lord's Lavish Love

Surrender to the Father's love
Extravagant and lavish
Allow Him to enthrall you,
Delight you and ravish
As He sings over you
Songs to enchant, transport
To the glorious rejoicing 
Of our Beloved Lord
For God inhabits the praises
Of His people; here He dwells 
As we sing of our Redeemer, 
Jesus, Emmanuel
Who, for the joy, endured the cross
And now reigns up above 
Come join the celebration 
Of God's abounding love 
June 18, 2017
Inspired by: Carlos A Rodriguez's free e-book Simply Sonship

God's Chosen, Cherished Child

Because of Christ's sacrifice, 
With God, I am reconciled
He has adopted me, 
His chosen, cherished child
He is my Abba Father; 
I have no need to fear 
For His assuring Spirit
Is always with me here 
He will not leave me 
And if I foolishly stray,
He will, forever, with me, 
Faithfully stay
He has graced me 
With a foretaste 
Of my rich inheritance 
Which I will fully see
In His glorious presence
June 18, 2017

Thank You, Father

Thank You, Father
For the extent of Your love
And Your mercy,
That You sent Your only Son
To pay for our sins,
And set us free
For the murderer,
The thief, the liar,
For the adulterer; 
Your faithful love is higher
Yet You reached down to us
You sent Your Son, Jesus
To break the chains of death
And breathe on us
With resurrection breath
So we can boldly come
And bow before Your throne,
Exalted in the heavens
Yet You call us, now, Your own
Children of the Father,
Of the King of Kings
Because You have adopted us,
Your praise we'll ever sing
June 18, 2017
Inspired by Max Lucado's  He Chose the Nails

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Witness and Worship (Psalm 19:1-6; Romans 1:20, 21)

The heavens declare the glory of God;
The skies proclaim the work of His hands
Through His eternal power and nature;
There is no reason to not understand 

Wordless, their voice goes into the earth
Day after day and each evening -
The knowledge of the divine Lord,
The celestial spheres are revealing 
The sun’s like a champion, beaming with joy,
Bringing blessing of warmth and light 
Oh, give thanks to our Creator
Whose laws are radiant and right 
June 17, 2017

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Have You Heard the Call?

Christ calls to the sinner 
Come, follow Me 
He calls to the stranger
Come, learn of Me

He calls us to believe 
In the power of His might
Calls us to do His will,
Shining forth His light

He calls us to testify 
How His mercy has blessed
He calls the impure spirits
To flee from the oppressed

He calls us to be well,
To suffer no more
He calls us to believe
And not fear anymore

He calls us, come away 
To a place of quiet calm
To learn from Him,
The Shepherd of the Psalm

He calls us to purity of heart,
To freely speak God’s goodness
To show compassion to the hungry
And for His gifts, gratitude express

He calls us to beware
Of our hearts becoming stone
He calls us to see Him
As the One upon God’s throne

He calls us to focus 
Upon the things of God,
To deny our selves
Lest our lives be for naught 

He calls us to pray
And to serve the Lord
For even small kinds acts
Will receive, from Him, rewards

He calls us to walk rightly 
And with others, live at peace
To have a child-like faith,
Leaving family, home, or fields

He calls us to believe, 
Not to doubt Jesus,
To forgive others' sins
For His Father forgave us 

He calls us to love God
And to give what He is due -
Love extended to Him
And those that live near you

He calls us not to seek
Honour for ourselves,
And to give sacrificially, 
Whether poor or having wealth

He calls us to pray 
That we may, sin, withstand 
And if we betray Him,
Seek forgiveness from His hand 

He calls us to remember Him,
In the breaking of the bread,
The One who died upon the cross
And rose up from the dead

He calls us, do not be deceived,
Nor fear trials and tests 
For His Spirit gives us words
That to His grace attests 

He calls us, be on guard 
And keep alert for Him
For we do not know just when
Our eyes will behold Him

When He calls the dead
To rise up and meet Him 
Where we'll forever hear 
The 'call to worship' begin 
June 14, 2017

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Persevere in Faith (Hebrews 11:6-12:3)

There are superstars of the faith
Abraham, David, Paul 
And there are others 
Too many to name them all 
Though they faced imprisonment
Torture, jeers and chains,
They had confident assurance 
That a heavenly city awaits 
Some were stoned to death,
And some were sawed in two 
They were persecuted and mistreated,
Poor and destitute 
They were commended for their faith
As they earnestly served the Lord
Yet none, in this life, received,
God’s perfectly-planned reward
Let us, from sin and hindrances, be free
And run with perseverance in the race  
Fixing our eyes upon Christ Jesus,
Who endured the cross and its shame
Consider Him, who endured resistance
For the rejoicing yet to come,
Do not grow weary or lose heart
For Christ the Lord, our victory, has won  
June 10, 2017             

Friday, 9 June 2017

Be Encouraged by God's Word (2 Chronicles 20:6-30)

The Sovereign King in Heaven above,
The powerful and mighty LORD
Says: Do not be discouraged
For the battle is not yours

Stand firm and see
The LORD deliver you
Do not be afraid
Emmanuel is with you

Have faith in your God, trust in His Word
And you will find success
Sing to the LORD and praise Him
For the splendour of His holiness

Rejoice with harps and lyres and trumpets
For peace our awesome God assures
Give thanks to the LORD
His love forever endures
June 9, 2017

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

In the Breaking of the Bread

May we recognize Jesus
In the breaking of the bread
As we lift our hands in gratitude
For all we have received 
Good gifts from up above
May we taste and savour
In communion, 
And in daily bread
The presence of the Lord
Who is risen, has forgiven
Those who tore ope His flesh
May we digest the true bread
That from Heaven, 
Has come down 
May we hunger for Him alone
The Bread of Life, Jesus 
June 7, 2017

Monday, 5 June 2017

Morning Prayer

Lord, I thank You for this day
That You have made with mercies new
Breathe upon me, Breath of God
That I would do what You would do
Open my eyes to see
Opportunities to bless
Open my ears to hear Your voice
And quickly reply, "Yes"
Fill my mouth with words to cheer
Help me to know there is no need to fear
Use my hands to serve You well
For the glory of Your name
Lead my feet down paths of righteousness
And through dark valleys filled with pain
Help me to know Your presence
And Your almighty power,
That You are here for me
Each and every hour
Of this day that You have made
May I be glad and rejoice in You
Thankful for all You have done
When this day is through
June 5, 2017

Saturday, 3 June 2017

A Daily Prayer

Lord, let my soul arise to greet You
As my eyelids lift, to receive the light
May I see who You are, see Your glory
Illuminate my path; lead me aright 
Pour out Your Spirit upon me
That I might heed Your call
Help me to hear Your voice
Above any others that may call
Grant me courage to walk 
By faith and not by sight 
Trusting You will protect me
By Your mercy and Your might
Fill me with Your peace 
That passes understanding 
Knowing that the wind and waves
Are subdued by Your commanding 
Let me end the day with thanksgiving 
For all the blessings You will bestow
Wonders of goodness and mercy 
Your presence, joyfully to know 
June 3, 2017

Help Me Be a Blessing

Help me be a blessing,
Be an instrument of peace
Help me humbly decrease
And let You, Lord increase
In grace and glory
As I shine forth Your light
Help me do, what You would do
What's good and true and right
By the power of Your Spirit,
May I be compelled
With kindness and compassion
So the world can tell
I am a beloved child
Of the King of Kings
May others see You in me
And lift up thanksgiving 
June 2, 2017

Praying the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-16)

Grant me a spirit that is tender,
That grieves over my sin
Help me to be humble
To thirst for Your goodness within
Help me to be merciful,
To keep my heart, for You, pure,
To live at peace with others,
Persecution to endure
Help me to attract others
To Your Living Water
Help me shine Your glorious light
High above any others
June 2, 2017

Monday, 29 May 2017

Truth Gleaned From Ruth

If you're in a rut of hurt, like Ruth
Be encouraged by this unchanging truth:
Yahweh is with us and for us
He will surely restore us
Don't walk away if you feel overwhelmed
God has a good plan and He's still at the helm
Don't let your suffering turn you sour
For in our weakness, God gives us power
He will take the bitter and make it sweet
As we humbly rest at the Lord's bless-ed feet
May 30, 2016

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Praise to the Lord (Isaiah 25:1-9)

Exalt the Lord 
And praise His name
For in faithfulness
He has done great things

He is a refuge 
For the distressed and poor
He is a shelter 
From the heat and storm

He prepares a feast
With finest wines
The best of meats
On which to dine

He will conquer death
And wipe every tear
The Sovereign Lord
Has made it clear

Trust in Him, 
For He will save
Rejoice and be glad
For that great day
May 24, 2017

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Psalm 119

Blessed are those whose ways are without fault
Who walk according to the LORD’s law
Who seek Him wholeheartedly and do not err
They follow His ways that He has shared
Oh, if I were faithful to obey Your decrees          
Then I could think of Your commands and not be
Ashamed. I will praise You with a heart upright
As I learn Your laws that are morally right

How can youth stay on the path that is pure?
By living according to Your word
From Your commands don’t let me depart
Your word I have hidden within my heart
That I might not sin; teach me Your decrees
I treasure all the laws that come from Thee
I meditate upon Your precepts
Your decrees I won’t neglect

Be good to Your servant while breath I draw
Open my eyes to see wonderful things in Your law
Hide not Your commands from me, a stranger on earth
My soul knows Your law is of utmost worth
Remove from me the scorn and contempt
Rebuke the accursed, the arrogant
Though rulers convene and slander me
I will seek counsel with Your delightful decrees

My soul pants for water; preserve me
I confessed and You heard me
Help me to comprehend Your decrees
That I may meditate on Your wonderful deeds
My soul with sorrow is burdened
According to Your word, strengthen
Keep me from deceit and unfaithfulness
With broader understanding You have blessed

Teach me Your decrees that I may follow to the final part            
Give understanding so I might obey Your law with all my heart  
Direct me in the path of Your commands and not to disdain
Turn my heart toward Your statutes, away from selfish gain
Turn my eyes from worthless things, my life sustain       
Fulfill Your vow to Your servant for Your reverential name
Your precepts are good; remove the disgrace I despise
l long for Your laws; in Your righteousness keep me alive              

May I know Your unfailing love, Your salvation
According to Your promise, then against derision
I can with truth reply. Take not Your word, for in it I trust
I have put my hope in it; obey it, I must
I walk about in freedom for Your precepts I’ve sought   
I will speak unashamedly, I will not be bought   
I love Your commands; they bring much delight to me                   
I lift my hands as I focus on Your decrees

Remember Your word to Your servant who in You hopes
Through my suffering Your promise brings comfort to cope
The proud mock me but I turn not from Your laws
I am indignant for the wicked who forsake Your law
Your decrees I sing of wherever I may sleep
I remember Your name that Your law I may keep
I am loath to ever neglect
Daily obeying Your ancient precepts

You are my inheritance, LORD
I promise to obey the words You impart
Be merciful as You promised
For I have sought You with all of my heart
I have pondered my path and turned
To follow Your written law
Though the wicked try to ensnare me
I won’t delay in obeying Your law
I give You thanks for Your righteousness
During the night when I cannot sleep
I am a friend to those who fear You
LORD, by Your mercy, teach me Your decrees

Your servant knows the blessings
That come from Your hands
Teach me knowledge and discernment
For I delight in Your commands
Before I was disciplined, I went astray
But now, Your word, I humbly obey
You are good and You do good
Teach me Your righteous ways
Though the proud smear my name,
For their hearts are hardened and cold,
I wholeheartedly follow Your directions;
Your words are more precious than gold

You created me with a mind
Now help me to comprehend
May I bring joy to those, who like me,
Upon Your word, depend
I know that Your rules are fair
And You have rightfully brought me low
According to Your unfailing promises
May I, Your love and comfort, know
May Your compassion revive me
For I take delight in Your laws
May the scornful be disgraced
For they’ve aggrieved me without cause
I will meditate upon Your principles
May I faithfully follow Your decrees
That I might not be put to shame
May those who fear You, turn to me

My soul yearns for Your salvation
But my hope rests upon Your word
My eyes strain to see Your promise
“How long before I know comfort?”
Though I am withering and helpless
I do not neglect Your laws
How long must I endure persecution
From those who contradict Your laws?
They do not trust in Your commands
But my destruction they baselessly seek
Still I have not forsaken Your precepts
Save me so I may uphold the statutes You speak

Your word, LORD, is eternal
In the heavens it stands firm
Through all generations of the earth,
Your faithfulness endures
Your law remains to serve You
If it had not been to my delight,
I would have perished in my affliction -
Your precepts preserved my life
Save me, for I am Yours, 
I sought Your perfect precepts out 
While the wicked wait to destroy me, 
I ponder Your laws without bounds 

Oh, how I love to meditate on Your statutes
Your commands give wisdom and insight 
Since I obey I have more understanding 
Than my teachers and those who love to fight 
From Your sweet words, I have not roamed 
I have kept from doing evil so I might obey 
You have taught me from Your precepts 
Therefore every wrong path, I disdain 

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on the way
I swear I will follow Your righteous laws
Save my life according to Your word, LORD
Accept my praise and teach me Your laws 
Though the wicked try to ensnare me,
I will not from Your statutes stray 
Your precepts are the joy of my heart
I aim to keep them the length of my days 

You are my refuge and shield 
I have put my hope in Your law
Begone double-minded evildoers
That I may keep the commands of my God
Sustain me, God, by Your promise
Don’t dash my hopes, or I’ll die
Uphold me and I’ll be delivered 
Your decrees I will lift up on high 
You reject those who stray from Your laws
Their delusions amount to naught 
You discard the wicked like dross
I tremble in fear, stand in awe 

I have done what is just and right 
Don’t leave me to my enemies
I seek Your promise of salvation
Look kindly and teach me Your decrees
Help me understand Your statutes 
Because I treasure Your commands
Oh, how I hate how Your law
Is being broken through the land 

Your statutes are wonderful; no wonder I obey 
Your words give light, the simple understand 
I thirst for them like water to drink in 
Your refreshing laws and commands
Show Your mercy as you always do
To those who love Your name 
Direct my footsteps, LORD
So I will not, to sin be enslaved
Redeem me from oppressors 
That Your laws, I may obey 
Make Your face to shine upon me
For I weep, when Your law’s disobeyed

You are righteous, LORD, 
And Your statutes can be trusted 
My enemies’ disregard for Your laws 
Thoroughly disgusts me
Though I’m humble and despised,
Your precepts I remember 
Your law is true and Your 
Righteousness will last forever 
Though troubles come upon me
Your laws give me delight
Your righteous statutes 
Give me wisdom for my life 

Hear my heart’s cry, LORD,
And Your decrees, I will obey 
I will keep Your commands 
When You answer me, and save 
I put my hope in Your word
I pray before the morning breaks 
In the middle of the night 
On Your laws, I meditate 
By Your love, preserve my life
According to Your laws
The wicked schemers are at hand 
But they are nowhere near Your law
Yet You are near, LORD,
And true are Your commands 
Long ago You established them 
To forever stand 

Consider my suffering and deliver me
For I remember Your eternal laws
Save me according to Your promise
Redeem me and defend my cause
Salvation is far from the wicked
For Your righteous laws they don’t seek
Your love and compassion is great
Save my life according to Your decrees 
Many are my persecutors, LORD,
But from Your statutes I have not turned away
I look on the faithless with loathing 
For Your true precepts they do not obey

Rulers persecute me without cause 
Yet Your word makes me tremble in awe 
I rejoice in Your treasured promises 
For I love truth and Your righteous law
Great peace have those who concur 
And nothing can make them fall 
I wait for You as I follow Your statutes,
Precepts, commands; oh, how I love them all

Hear my prayer, LORD, deliver me
According to Your good promise 
May I praise You and sing of Your word
For You instruct with laws that are righteous 
I chose to follow Your word which gives me delight
I long for salvation from Your willing hand
For, like a lost sheep, I still wander and stray 
Though I remember Your sustaining commands 
May 7, 2017