Praise the LORD in Song

I will sing to the LORD
I will praise the LORD, 
My God, in song
Recite the victories 
Of the LORD
On the road 
You walk along
Wake up, wake up
Break out in song
Though there are battles
All around, march on, 
My soul; be strong
May all who love God,
Shine like the sun -
A beacon of light
In the heavens, strong
From Deborah's Song in Judges 5

The Saviour Proclaims God's Favour

After Jesus was tested 
For 40 days in the desert,
He taught in the synagogue 
By the power of the Spirit
Praise and news about Him spread
Throughout the countryside
One day in Nazareth, He stood to read
What Isaiah had prophesied
"The Spirit of the Lord
Is on Me to proclaim
Good news to the poor
And freedom for those in chains,
To free the oppressed 
And sight, to restore,
To proclaim the year
Of the favour of the Lord"
When Christ rolled up the scroll,
And sat down in His place,
Everyone was watching Him,
Amazed by how He spoke with grace
He said the scripture was fulfilled
In the people's hearing
And prophets get spurned in their hometowns
Then the locals started jeering 
Furious, they drove Him out of town
To the brow of a hill
But Jesus walked right through this crowd
That turned on Him 
And wanted to see Him killed
Luke 4

The Hope of Resurrection

Brothers and sisters, hold firmly
To the gospel of Christ
Who died for our sins
And on the third day rose to life

Put your hope in Christ
Each minute and each hour
For the splendour of heaven
Is full of glory and power

It's ours to inherit
Through the victory of the Lord
So, stand firm in God's work
For great is our reward
Based on 1 Corinthians 15


God worked for our benefit
Each day of His Creation
And when we fell, He worked
To bring us restoration

He offers hope and peace

To every tribe and nation
Through His Beloved Son
Who is God's incarnation 

The life of Jesus Christ

Was love in demonstration
His ultimate sacrifice,
Paid full for our salvation

We cannot work to earn

Forgiveness, justification
But simply receive God's gift
With grateful celebration

Then with all of God's people,

In benevolent cooperation,
We can work for the benefit 
Of both strangers and relations

And the peace of Christ,

Which passes estimation,
Will guard our hearts and minds
Against anxious situations

This is what shalom is

More than the absence of altercations
But a full and complete peace
Like a fragrant saturation

That flows and overflows

With goodwill inspiration
That we would be, in fact, intact -
May we live to seek its maturation

Do You Have a Sense of Honour?

You say you are born again
But are you born from above,
Living a life of peace,
Walking in the way of love?

Do you say unwholesome things
And hope they have a sense of humour?
Or is your speech pure and noble?
Do you have a sense of honour?

Are your words careless and corrupt
Or beneficial to those who hear?
Because, for every idle word,
Before our Judge, we'll appear

From the depths of one's heart
Comes good and evil speech;
Since a tree is known by its fruit,
Let your words be nourishing and sweet
Matthew 12:34-36

I Am a Child of God

I am a child of God,
Clothed in the  robe of Christ
I am united in His kingdom;
My inheritance is Christ

He has redeemed me 
From my life of sin
And with His Holy Spirit,
His Father, is, too, my kin

I'm no longer a slave,
Reborn from Heaven's vow
I rejoice and am glad,
Before my God, to freely bow
Galatians 3:26-4:7; 4:23-27

Instructions for Praising the LORD

Sing to the LORD, all the earth
Each day proclaim His salvation,
His marvellous deeds among all people,
His glory, declare among the nations

For great is the LORD
And worth praise and reverence
For He is not an idol
But the One who made the heavens

Splendour and majesty are before Him
Strength and joy are in His abode
Ascribe to the LORD glory and strength
That His holy name is owed

Bring an offering 
And kneel before Him
Worship the LORD
And tremble before Him

Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad
Let them declare, "The LORD reigns!"
Let the sea resound
And all that it contains

Let the fields be jubilant,
Let the trees of the forest sing
For the LORD comes to judge the earth
Let them rejoice before Him and sing

Give thanks to the good LORD;
His love endures forever 
Cry out, "Save us, Saviour,
Gather us and deliver

That we may give thanks
To Your holy name
And glory in Your praise"
From age to age to age
Based on 1 Chronicles 16:23-36

Questions of the Ages

Philosophers have often asked,
"Why are we here?"
The answers they fashion
Are not always clear

But God, in the garden,
Asked Adam and Eve,
"Where are you?"
When they hid in the leaves

God didn't ask, "What have you done?"
Or, "Why'd you disobey Me?"
But, "Where are you?"
Though He knew; He could see

He didn't want them to hide
But to come clean and confess
For He loved them so much
And God loves, to bless

For in His own image
They were created
And they talked with each other
In the world He created

He made them to rule over
The fish and the birds
And all of the animals
In packs and in herds

He wanted them united
And to never bear shame
But they believed a lie
When the slippery snake came

He put doubt in their minds,
Made them question God's heart
And when they rebelled, 
Fear entered their hearts

They blamed God and one another
And the slippery snake
Instead of admitting
The wrong choices they made

God cursed the snake
And the ground where it lives
And God told Adam and Eve
Pain and toil, He would give

God made garments of skin
To cover their shame
And He sent them away
To protect from more pain

God said that one day
A virgin would conceive
And God will crush the snake
And it will strike Christ's heel

Wise men will ask, "Where is this king
Born to us in Bethlehem 
Who will shepherd God's people?"
And rejoice when they find Him
Based on Genesis 3

The Miracle of More

The man of God, Elisha
Received 20 loaves of bread
Baked from the first ripe grain
"Give it to the people," he said

"How can I set this before 100 men?"
His servant queried
But Elisha answered him,
"This is what the LORD decrees:

They will eat and be satisfied;
There will be enough and more"
Then he set it out before them
Trusting the word of the LORD

It was barely enough barley
For these hungry souls, to eat
But our compassionate God
Supplies more than we need

Christ fed 50 times more men
And with a whole lot less
To show us all, abundantly 
How God moves to bless
2 Kings 4:42-44; Matthew 15:32-38


Jabez was a man, who brought 
Honour to his name
Yet his mother complained,
"I gave birth to him in pain."
He cried out to God to attain
His blessing 
And to enlarge his domain
And to keep him free
From harm and stain
So he would be unchained
From the label of disdain
And God blessed him
And took his sorrow and shame
And for you, God can do the same
Based on 1 Chronicles 4:9-10

Remember the Sabbath

Take time to cease from your labour
So your rested spirit can savour
Feasts and joyful celebrations
And from your burdens, find liberation

Take time for contemplation
And refocus your mind's meditation
To that of quiet and stillness and rest
And realize how much you are blessed

With God as our strength and our shield,
We can stroll past the beautiful flowers afield
Knowing nothing should cause us to worry
So, enjoy the Sabbath and pause from the hurry

Christ Calms the Storm

Even the wind and waves
Are calmed by His spoken Word
"Peace; be still," Jesus declares
"Fear not, only believe"
Remember who Christ is
And how much our Father cares

He stills the storm to a whisper
And hushes the waves 
Of the turbulent ocean
Consider the reasons to rejoice:
His wonderful deeds 
And unfailing devotion

Exalt and praise the Lord's name
Who hears and attends 
To our cries of distress,
Who guides us to Himself,
A refuge, a haven, 
A secure and mighty fortress 
Based on Mark 4:38-41; Psalm 107:28-32

Psalm 98

Sing to the LORD a new song
For He has done marvellous things
Shout for joy to the LORD
Our God and our King 
He has worked salvation 
By His holy hand
And revealed His righteousness
To people of all lands
And He has remembered 
His love and faithfulness
Burst into jubilant song
With harp and voice to bless
Make music with trumpets
And with the shofar's blast
Let the sea resound
And let the rivers clap
Let the mountains sing in unison
Let them sing out joyfully
To the LORD who comes 
To judge the earth with equity

The Book of Ecclesiastes

There is nothing new 
Under the sun
That from the east to the west,
Hurriedly runs

Like chasing after the wind,
That robs leaves from the trees,
So is the pursuit of knowledge
That leads to much sorrow and grief

The pursuit of pleasure 
And delighting in one's toil
Has its rewards
But both the foolish and wise
Will be buried beneath the soil

There is a season for everything
Within this time and space
A burden of good and evil
Lays upon the human race

God has made everything beautiful
In its time and within our hearts,
Eternity, He has set
There is nothing better than to be 
Happy and do good while you have breath

God will call the past to account
And He will judge every deed
When we, to the dust, return;
Better to be a poor and wise youth 
Than an old foolish king
Who, warning, he has not learned

Guard your mouth when you go towards God
Approach Him with a listening ear
Let your words be few 
For God in heaven, is to be reverently feared

Whoever loves wealth is never satisfied
But they cannot take it with them
It is wise to remember though
That everyone has sinned

Eat, drink and be glad
Enjoy the work God has given you
For time and chance happen to all
No one knows when their time is through 

Remember your Creator while you are young
Before mourners go into the streets
Fear God and keep His commands
For God will judge everyone's deeds

God's Promised Restoration

This is what 
The Sovereign LORD utters:
I will gather you
From where you have scattered

I will put a new spirit in them
Removing their heart of stone
I will give them a new heart of flesh
That beats to worship Me alone

They will follow My decrees
And with devotion, keep My laws
They will be My people
And I will be their God
Ezekiel 11: 17-21

The LORD Watches Over You

I look to the majestic mountains -
Where does my help come from
But from the LORD who made
The earth and heavenly kingdom
God will not let you stumble
He watches you and never sleeps
He who sees His chosen ones,
Does not slumber or sleep
The LORD sees you
He is as close as your shadow
The sun will not harm you
Nor the night's moon glow 
The LORD will guard you from evil
He will watch your activities
He will watch over your life
From now through eternity
Psalm 121

How Majestic is the LORD

LORD, our Lord, how majestic 
Is Your name in all the earth
Your enemies are silenced
As children praise Your worth
When I consider the work of Your hands
The heavens so glorious
What is mankind that You
Are mindful of us?
Lower than the angels,
Yet, with glory, we're crowned
To rule to animal kingdom
That lives on the ground
And the birds of the sky,
The fish in the vast oceans' girth
LORD, our Lord, how majestic's 
Your name in all the earth
Psalm 8

The Servant of the LORD

Here is My servant, Whom I uphold,
My chosen One, who brings Me elation
I will put My Spirit on him
To bring justice unto the nations

He will not shout or cry out
Or raise his voice in the streets
A smouldering wick he won't snuff
Nor will he break a bruised reed

In faithfulness, he will bring forth justice;
He will not falter or lose hope
Until he establishes justice on earth;
Through his words, all men can find hope

This is what the LORD declares,
The Creator of the vast heavens
Who formed the earth and gives life
To every one of its denizens:

In righteousness, I have called you;
I will take hold of your hand
I will keep you and make you My promise,
A light for every land

To open the eyes of the blind,
To set the captives free,
To release those living in darkness,
To be both the Door and the key

See, the former things have come to pass
And before new things do, I'll declare
I am the LORD and My glory,
I won't yield or with idols, share
Isaiah 42:1-9

Choose Life

I declare to you this day
That the Lord has set before you
Life and blessings 
Or curses and death

Choose life that you may live,
Loving God, 
Listening and clinging to Him
For He is your life and breath
Deuteronomy 30:19-20

Touch the Hem of God's Robe

I lift up my hands 
And wonder, "if only"
I could touch the hem 
Of God's robe
But He is holy, 
I am made of the dust,
Encrusted with sin;
If I could place a seal
Upon my biting tongue
For all of the words 
That have scorched 
People and stung,
In the depths of my heart,
Thoughts would slither still-
A wildness in me
That needs to be crushed,
Crucified, killed
Even Isaiah, 
The prophet, trembled
When God's glory
Filled up the temple
Oh, that I would understand 
And more abundantly grasp
Hone my ears, 
My eyes, unclasp
To see the virgin-born Jesus 
Now high and exalted 
Who, for my sins, atoned
And turn and find healing
From the Lord Almighty 
Who reigns from His 
Resplendent throne
Referencing Isaiah 6:1-10

Praise the LORD in Song

I will sing to the LORD I will praise the LORD,  My God, in song Recite the victories  Of the LORD On the road  You walk along Wake ...