The Way of Blessedness

Oh, God help me to know  
The riches of Your mercy - 
Though I am poor and naked, blind - 
In covering my shame; 
Help me to see the great cost   
When Christ gave His life for mine 

May I be discomforted 
With the depth of my sin  
So I will mourn and wince  
May I, in humility,  
Accept the gift 
Of Your inheritance  

Then fill me with a hunger  
And thirst for righteousness 
That only You can satisfy;  
So I show others mercy, 
Purify my heart,  
Chasten me to be refined  

Help me see You, Father 
And work for reconciliation  
With Your other children  
And when persecution comes 
Remind me of my reward - 
Joy and gladness in Your kingdom                                               
Inspired by: Matthew 5:3-12; Rev 3:17-19 

Live in Sin No More

We have died to sin, 
So, live in it no more 
For we were baptized into the death 
Of Jesus Christ, our Lord 

We were buried with Him 
And raised to a new life 
Our old self crucified 
And united now with Christ 

Our sinful flesh 
Should no longer enslave us 
For we are dead to sin  
And alive to God in Jesus  

Let not sin reign; 
Don't obey its evil desires 
But offer yourself to God 
Who's saved us from hell's fire 

Offer body, mind and spirit 
To God, who freed us from the law 
And be enslaved to righteousness 
Under the grace of God         
Inspired by Romans 6:1-14 

What Would Sinners Do?

Why would the crowd choose  
To set a murderer free 
And call for the death of Christ 
Who raised the dead  
And caused the blind to see? 
If I had been among them  
Would I have acted differently? 
Am I more comfortable  
With sin and stain  
Than with peace and purity? 
Would I disown God 
When push came to shove? 
Would I choose darkness over light 
And hatred over love? 
Would I stand and testify  
To defend my Defender 
When I had witnessed His mercy? 
Would I willingly surrender 
My reputation or my life 
To set a prisoner free? 
Would I cling to the chains 
Of the mob mentality? 
Would I follow Jesus to the cross 
Where He died for you and me? 
Would I let Him change the course 
Of my broken history? 
Would I admit my need 
Of His righteous sacrifice?  
Would I see my Saviour  
And choose freedom with Christ? 

The Way of Blessedness

Oh, God help me to know    T he rich es  of  Yo ur  mercy  -   Though  I am poor and naked, blind -   In covering my shame;  ...