What's In A Name?

God over all
Your Name’s the only
One we need to call
There is no other
You are God alone
Holy, holy…holy
We bow before Your throne
Jehovah Jireh
Our God provides
Good and perfect gifts
That satisfy
Our daily bread
You for us prepare
And Your Own Son
You did not spare
You are El-Shaddai
Lord God Almighty
All power and
Belongs to you
You are all sufficient
And omniscient
Jehovah Rapha
Our healer God
The blind can see You
Be filled with awe
The weak are strengthened
The lame now dance
Before Your throne
To give You thanks
Jehovah Shalom
Our God of peace
I cast my burdens
And find release
I fix my gaze
Upon You Lord
Your perfect peace
Is my reward
Jehovah Shamma
You are high aloft
Yet you’re close to me
You’re not far off
You’re present with me
Right where I dwell
Jehovah Shamma
Jehovah Yahweh
Your word is true
You keep each promise
I count on You
Your loving mercies
Jehovah Yahweh
Your faithfulness is great   

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