For People From Every Tribe, Language and Nation

With Christ’s blood, God has purchased salvation 
For people from every tribe, language and nation 
A kingdom of people that will soon reign on earth
To serve God, on the throne, who, alone, is worth 
All the glory and praise from His sons and daughters
Whom He created, along with stars, earth and waters;
The redeemed of the Lamb have received the good news
But God’s judgement will come to those who refuse 
To bow their knees and confess Christ as Lord
With blessing and honour, to Jesus, outpoured 
To the glory of the Father, our Ruler Supreme;
His image we bear, for by Him, we’re esteemed
(Revelation 5, 7 & 14)

The Way of Blessedness

Oh, God help me to know    T he rich es  of  Yo ur  mercy  -   Though  I am poor and naked, blind -   In covering my shame;  ...