The Body of Christ (1 Cor. 3)

Brothers and sisters, do not be worldly
Like mere infants in Christ,
But live by the Spirit,
Without jealousy and strife

Do not say, "I follow one"
And, "I follow another"
For we are all servants of God,
All sisters and brothers

One plants the seed and one waters,
But God makes it grow, producing a yield
And each will be rewarded 
For their personal labour in God's field

By God's grace, I laid a foundation
As a wise builder would,
But each should build with care,
Not with straw, hay or wood

Since our foundation is Christ,
We should use gold, silver, precious stones,
For the quality of our work
Will be, through God's refinement, shown

Remember we are God's temple
And He dwells among us
So do not boast of foolish matters,
But boast in Christ Jesus