A Song of Thanksgiving

Your love is everlasting; 
Your kindness does not fail
Your mercies are new every morning, 
Your promises prevail
You give rest to Your people; 
You rebuild and You restore
We make music and dance 
With joy before the Lord
We enjoy the fruit, 
Of our labour in the vineyard
We shout to the Lord 
And make our praises heard
Lord, save Your people, 
Gather Your lost sheep
Lead them beside still waters 
As they pray and weep
Watch over Your flock, 
Like a Father to a son
Deliver and redeem 
Your people from oppression 
Come and shout for joy, 
Rejoice in the bounty of the Lord
He makes His people flourish 
And sorrow no more
He gives comfort and joy; 
Young and old will dance and be glad
He satisfies with abundance, 
From the bounty of His hand
(Jeremiah 31:3-14)

The Way of Blessedness

Oh, God help me to know    T he rich es  of  Yo ur  mercy  -   Though  I am poor and naked, blind -   In covering my shame;  ...