Worthy is the Lamb

Those who hold to the Word of God
Will overcome our accusing enemy,
By the blood of the spotless Lamb 
And the word of their testimony

They will not shrink from death,
Exceedingly loving their lives
But they will obey God's commands
Who gives great joy to their lives

Soon comes our Almighty Saviour 
When the kingdom of God will reign 
The triumphant Lion of Judah, 
The risen Lamb that was slain

He is worthy of worship;
Upon God's throne, Jesus commands
Where He will rule all of the nations
No rebels, before Him, will stand 
(Revelation 12:10-17; 5:5-6)

The Way of Blessedness

Oh, God help me to know    T he rich es  of  Yo ur  mercy  -   Though  I am poor and naked, blind -   In covering my shame;  ...